Sunday, May 09, 2004

All Or Nothing

What a strange run this day was. Today was a series of bold plays, tough laydowns and some heartbreaking suckouts. But first, to the scorecard.

$10+$1 - 5th - -$11

This one was rather interesting, in that it sucked. The start was good enough, with Big Slick and some heavy raising scaring off the competition for a nice T215 take to put me in good for the later portion of the tourney.

Not for long. I get AQo in the SB and get 3 callers.. I complete, and the flop misses. Checked around and the turn misses, and the button bets...See ya. -T100

A couple more orbits of no cards and the 100/200 level and I get the BB with T365 left and 56o. UTG calls and the SB folds, we're heads up with a flop of 43K rainbow for the open ended straight draw. I push and UTG calls and turns over... Q3c, with no clubs on the board. WTF? Of course the turn brings the Queen and the river a no-help 4 and I'm done with this one.

$10+$1 - 1st - +39

It's great when a plan comes together. This one I hide out with pretty much crap for the first two levels. Level 3 and the blinds are 30/60, I get 66 in the BB. 9 people left at the table, and a middle position guy calls, SB completes, I check to see a flop of 2J2 rainbow. Hmmm. SB checks, I throw out T90 and they run like girlymen.

Those T60 chips went away a few hands later though. Still 30/60 blinds, and I get ATo in the cutoff. The middle position guy who called last time calls this time, and I make it T90 again. The blinds fold away, but MP pushes the last of his 385 chips in. Uh oh. I deliberate and fold.

A couple of blind steals at the 50/100 level sees me at around T1135 with 5 folks left, me in last place chip wise. The last hand of 50/100 I'm on the button with A9h. Cutoff calls T100 and I make it T250. Blinds fold and I'm heads up to a flop of JJA, two diamonds. CO checks, I push, he folds. +T400

I hide out a little while longer with unplayable and and am getting destroyed by the blinds. Blinds creep up to 300/600, 4 left and I'm the button with A6o. I can't survive the blinds again, so I push my last T335 in and pray. I'm called two ways, board comes KsThAc2cKc, and I take it with my pair of aces. What did the other two have?

SB had 73s for... nothing.
BB had J5o for... nothing.

I love Party. To wrap up this one, win.

Rest of the day was as follows. Details to follow, since I'm not being stared at by the Wife...

$10+$1 - 1st - +$39
$10+$1 - 1st - +$39
$10+$1 - 7th - -$11
$10+$1 - 5th - -$11
$10+$1 - 8th - -$11

Wheels fell off the wagon at the last 3 as I was getting crap cards and re-raised on the starting hands I did have a chance with. Ugly. More later, Wife about to kill me.


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