Monday, June 14, 2004

Fear The Dark

Yesterday was a great time for the bankroll! I was up around $40.

Then I decided to go fishing in the dark.

Hands Played = 958
Total Won = -$1.13
BB/100 Hands = -0.12

Not to get all "bad beaty" on you or anything, but I can't believe some of the shit I saw turning into hands last night. That, combined with none of my decent holding turning into anything worthwhile and it made for a rough night at the tables.

It hurts to see such a great morning get vetoed by such a hideous night, but at least I ended the day right around even...

Well, sort of. Stupid me, I get this bug up my ass to try one of those 3 tables deallios going on, but I didn't want to outlay $22 to do it. I know, I'm pathetic. So I figured I'd play a $5+$1 sit and go, score the $19 win and only have to drop $3 to give it a whirl.

Silly me. I bounced in 7th place after my AKo which flopped a K lost to K4o when he paired his kicker.

Party on.


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