Friday, August 13, 2004

Bottom To Top

My luck has, for the moment, run out on the short handed tables. The ugly side of a shorthanded game has shown itself, in that, if you don't get decent cards or they don't hold up to any action, you're in a world of shit. Of course, when you're running good you can make a mint, since it seems that players on the 1/2 short handed tables think that you couldn't POSSIBLY have a hand so they have to keep raising you to get you to fold the ace high flush you hit on the turn. Great work if you can get it, but I've been getting my ass handed to me the last few days.

Given this fact, I figured I would ride out the dry spell by heading back to the .50/1 tables and running 3 tables of that for a while.

Two and a half hour later, I walk away $90 towards the green.

Why do I even bother playing $1/$2 anymore? I'm semi-serious. Seems that the only tables that are ever open are the short handed ones, and so table selection on $1/$2 full ring is impossible. The 300BB bankroll gap from $1/$2 to $2/$4 is only $400, and I'd rather make slow upward progress towards that then deal with the goofnut swings of the short handed games. Don't get me wrong, I still really enjoy the shorthanded games, but I think since Party's hand history generator is porked and I can't use the GameTime window in PokerTracker, I might as well head back to the bottom limit for a bit, and see if I can't leapfrog the 1/2 tables and go right to the 2/4 full ring games when the bankroll supports it.

For those who do play shorthanded, let me strongly recommend using the Gametime window in PokerTracker. If you play one or two tables, you can set PokerTracker to get 20 hands every 5 minutes, and when it gets a hand, import it immediately and it will update the Gametime window with the information. It's great to be able to tell at a glance whether you should take that early position raise seriously or not. Of course, until Party gets it's shit together, nevermind, since the chance of getting valid hands at this point are around 50/50.

Needless to say, this months statistics are going to be completely invalid. I figure at this point I'm missing around 300 hands that I'll never get back. It's insanely annoying, but I'll get over it, I guess. Don't have a hell of a lot of choice.

Fun with desk training continues at work. The kid sure has his regulations down and he's getting better with the dispatching system. All he needs is practice. My only complaint thus far is he tends to get loud and has the habit of cutting people off in conversations. Since he basically knows what he's doing, I find myself not doing much except monitoring and giving the occasional suggestion. Really, I find this to be extraordinarily hard for me. He's not checked out to work the desk yet, so he's releasing flights under my certificate. I'm not concerned about him doing something stupid or illegal, but still I just feel out of control since I'm not working the desk myself. For hardly doing anything for 10 hours, I find it the hardest days of work I've ever had.


At 4:44 PM, Blogger Eric Wong said...

I switched to 1/2 6 handed with pretty crazy results. 11bb/100 hands for 1500 hands so far. ppl are nuts, calling down with king high, raising with trash, etc. i wonder how long my luck will hold...

At 7:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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