Thursday, August 05, 2004


Super quick post.

Not making much ground. After the assbeating the other day, I managed to scrape back a little bit, but the last two days have been spent in a very slow bleed. Nothing severe, but it's been brutal in that I've been up pretty good and then the cards turn to shit.

I can't tell you how many times I got good starting hands that just didn't materialize on the flop, or were obviously beat. Frustrating as Hell to get AKs, hit both the A and K, and watch the board come 4 to a suit. Expensive too.

I see that Party is now doing a "progressive" bad beat jackpot thing (which sucks) and they have 50/1 tables there now (which doesn't suck too much). I fired up one of those tables. An hour later, I got two or three bad beats. It sure lives up to its name of being a jackpot of bad beats. Unfortunately, I never saw a Queens full of 9's sink to a bad beat, so no prize for me. Just brutal suckouts.

A frustrating, though not bankroll damaging day at the tables.

Work is really taking the life out of me. Yesterday was, and I shit you not, the worst day I have ever had at work. We took on a whole bunch of new flying. This is great, except that the system we have in place right now can't handle the existing work, so when you add 40 more flights a day to it, it just collapsed into a pile of shit. It was downright hostile in that office yesterday, and I fully expect that it will be this way again today, seeing as how they've not made any changes. It may get to the point where we cite a safety issue and stop the operation.

Yes, it's that bad.

At least the rest of this month will be overtime, since I'll be training someone. If I survive this month, I'll be pretty good money wise.

Let's hope I don't have a brain attack first.


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