Saturday, September 04, 2004

The Final Insult...

I'm sure the French have a word for this...

For now, I'll have to refer to the English translation:

Party Poker 0.50/1 Hold'em (8 handed)

Preflop: The_ICP is MP2 with Ac, As. UTG posts a blind of $0.50.
UTG (poster) checks, UTG+1 calls, 1 fold, The_ICP raises, CO calls, 1 fold, SB calls, BB calls, UTG folds, UTG+1 calls.

Flop: (11 SB) Kh, 7h, 7d (5 players)
SB checks, BB checks, UTG+1 checks, The_ICP bets, CO calls, SB raises, BB calls, UTG+1 folds, The_ICP calls, CO calls.

Turn: (9.50 BB) 9s (4 players)
SB checks, BB checks, The_ICP bets, CO calls, SB calls, BB calls.

River: (13.50 BB) 6c (4 players)
SB checks, BB bets, The_ICP calls, CO raises, SB folds, BB folds, The_ICP calls.

Final Pot: 18.50 BB
Main Pot: 18.50 BB, between The_ICP and CO. >

The_ICP shows Ac As (two pair, aces and sevens).
CO shows 7s 2c (three of a kind, sevens).
Outcome: CO wins 18.50 BB.

Translation: You got fucked, buddy boy.


At 2:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe it is "coup de gras". Not sure of spelling but I think it is close. Did he shout HAMMER TIME in the chat box? Good post. Cheers, Habsfanca11

At 8:44 AM, Blogger doubleas said...

That must be the first time I've seen aces cracked by the hammer. Must be limit. :)

At 11:56 AM, Blogger John-Paul said...


At 1:33 PM, Blogger The ICP said...

No, he didn't shout anything about the HAMMER. I believe he wouldn't understand what that meant. In fact, the jury is still out on whether he even knows what a real hammer does.

At 4:41 PM, Blogger Dr. Pauly said...


At 5:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on, I read bloggers that are like "I love the hammer!" and "I always play the hammer!". I know it's upsetting, but when you see a pair hit on the flop you gotta know that you're on thin ice. It does hurt to see the hammer but it was really just the 7 that beat you.

So, get over it! Of course if it were me I'd have broken my laptop by throwing it through my big screen TV :-)


At 5:36 PM, Blogger The ICP said...

Cold calling two bets with 72o pre-flop?


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