Saturday, November 12, 2005

Level DOWN!

Okay... The Poker Godz hate me. I've been sucked out on more then Ron Jeremy at Hedonism III, so it's back to the $5-$1 level for me until I manage to somehow unfook my game.

I've done some piss poor playing, I'm sure, but it just seems to me that all the friggin nutcases and gamboooooooolers have found a home at the $10 level. Raise a good hand? Called.... Often times in multiple places. Insert witty fish schooling quip here. The last few games I haven't gotten anything worthwhile to play, and in the rare instances I did, no one would go with me, so I'd get the blinds. In truth, with such a crappy ROI at the lower level, I probably had no business going up until I managed to figure out what was going wrong. Back to the proverbial drawing board, I guess.

Happy joy time.


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