Thursday, November 10, 2005

Level Up!

"Remember your training, and you WILL make it out alive!"

Okay the party at $5+$1 is over... I cut it short by a few rounds simply because I think I'd rather gouge my eyes out of their sockets with a crab fork then play another round of that level. I can face just as crappy players at the $10+$1 level and the ROI will be better just on principle.

Let's go to the graphics..

As you can see, not the best results from this level...

Starting with $50, I ended this level in 93 hands, with a final balance of $167, for a +$117 gain.

Part of the problem I think is that by and large, the players suck at this level, and thus, do much sucking out. I'm trying to amp up my aggression, which is certainly good, and it works against decent players and works great against the sea of tight-passive players that seem to be emerging on Party, but you just can't hammer on a loose-aggresive with raise after raise without having to occasionally come up with the goods. Today in particular was a good day for the dominated hand. I played about 6 rounds of $5+$1 today and I saw AT LEAST a dozen instances where hands with less then a 15% chance end up taking the pot. It was craptacular. I only ended up on the receiving end of two of those, and managed to suck out on a third, so it really didn't directly effect me, though indirectly it made a difference I'm sure. I saw one hand where it was 22 vs 99 vs AA. You can guess who got the river miracle.

I've been mining around for some information on single table tourneys, strategy and the likes. I've poked around 2+2 a little bit, but I was quickly reminded why I haven't been there in over a year. Very little useful information, and it's buried deep in the condecending replies and the idiot hand discussion (I'm short stacked in the big blind and have AA, Button goes all in, what do I do?)... I've had my nose in the Super System bible for No Limit for the last two weeks or so, and am on my second readthrough of that section, but again, his advice is only useful against players who know what the hell they're doing (his quote, "you can't put a man on a hand if he doesn't even know what he has" certainly has meaning here).

Hopefully this next level will at least see a better return on investment percentage. There's still plenty of gawdaweful players at this level, but hopefully not quite the schools I've run into as of late...


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