Thursday, April 01, 2004

What A Long Strange Journey

Things have taken a turn for the surreal. -- Capt. John Miller, Saving Private Ryan

Well, I was going to start this post off with some good old poker summary, but then I noticed this post from Felicia...

The latest news is that I have been banned from the Belle.

Ummm... What the fuck? I mean, the Belle doesn't apparently ban cheaters, colluders, angry drunks or people who like to settle disputes with their fists within the confines of the Belle, but show up with a sense of humor and just watch your ass sail out the door. If the Belle was intimidated by Felicia's blog and the bad publicity it apparently can generate for it, how does it think that banning her from the facility will somehow make it all okay? Again, I make the disclaimer that I'm no Business major, but I'm thinking that, given the choices on how to handle this situation, 999,999,998 out of 1,000,000,000 business owners would agree that this would be the last on the list.

It does cement up the theory that the Belle is run by a bunch of nippleheads, though. I eagerly await Felicia's details on this little episode. I would imagine even if the Belle came back with a mea coppa I'd tell them to pack sand.

Damn, if jack legs like that can open and run a card room and make a mint, what the hell am I doing wrong?

Oh well.. anyhoo... Looks like my boy H is on a legendary run, having sat down at the B&M no-limit tables and raking in more then my entire bankroll to date, then topping it off with a nice run online. Rock on.

The Fat Guy tells it like it t-i-is, pointing out that the Democrats are still failing Economics 101. You know, I'm not a big fan of the GOP, especially in light of the last four years, but when the Democrats pick up and start reading from the hymnal Al Gore laid down (after his legendary "I invented the Internet" speech), it's enough to make me want to run barefoot and screaming like a girlyman to Canada. It would be nice to see a third party actually maybe threaten to take the Oval Office, but so far I'm not very hopeful. People seem to be way too busy to be bothered with learning about their candidates, so it's easier just to vote party line and get back to the business of complaining about gas/censorship/economy/inflation/crime/iraq/iran/cuba/immigration/HowardStern/Roe/Wade/Prayer...

Jesus wept.

We're putting out the APB for Anistropy. Seems he signed up for the weekly Blogger Tournement, then promptly unregistered, then his site went tango-uniform. We're worried about you, bro. Check in and let us know you're all right.

You know, I feel like ass for not being my regular blogging self. I've worked hard to post craptastic quality content for my 30 12 readers over the last few months, and have worked hard to live up to my status in the Blogger Mafia (not to be confused with the Polka Mafia). Just as I was cementing my feet self in the ranks, though, I have failed to make a showing at any of the Blogger Tournaments and my posting has started to suffer. I assure you that this has absolutely nothing to do with running out of stuff to talk about and everything to do with attending to family needs. The worst storms are tamed when they're weathered with friends, and even though I know hardly any of you, it helps to know that my messages in a bottle are reaching some shores.

Okay, enough already... On to poker. 1/2 6 Max limit poker is the cat's ass. At least, it seems that way at the moment, but I have this sneaking feeling in the back of my brain that I've felt this disturbance in the Force before. Back when I was running over the $5+$1 Sit and Goes... And the bottom fell out of that, but not before bringing me back from almost going broke. My assessment of low limit Party Poker dictates that I attempt to get the Hell out of the 1/2 games as quickly as possible in lieu of the presumable softer 2/4 games and the even softer 3/6 games, but it seems that, at least at the 6 Max games, I can actually play poker instead of pounding buttons like a mouse going for a food pellet. I seem to get sucked out on a hell of a lot less on the 6 Max tables, too. I've been warned several times of the variance on the short-handed tables. I can see where money can go away pretty quick in those games, but so far I'm doing okay, so I shall go tentatively onward and see what the future holds... In the mean time, I need to start thinking about what kind of bankroll I should have before poking into the 2/4 games. Another consideration (if the 1/2 short-handed tables continue their contributory ways) would be to skip 2/4 and go right to the 3/6 games. It's a risk, but from what I gather, that's where the money is at. If I were to go "by the book", I would need $1800 in the bankroll before making the move to $3/6. As of now, I have around $460, so clearly I have quite the path to tread before I consider that move. Of course, for 1/2, I should have $600 in the bankroll... By the book. Oh well, if you're not living on the edge, you're only taking up space...

Long term, I don't have immediate aspirations to move beyond 3/6. It seems those that move beyond there seem to fall back to the 3/6 as the best earning potential, so I think what I'm going to do when I get to the 3/6 level is maintain my base bankroll and skim the winnings off the top when I get a surplus and put it into the bank. If everything works right in the world, these winnings will eventually contribute to the fun things I normally wouldn't be able to legitimate spending money on.

A long way to go, there is...


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