Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Sputter Sputter

Quick hit and run post here...

3 $10 sit and goes today. I appeared to forget to bring my brain to the first two games and was facing down a disaster. After busting out of the second one I shut it down and hopped on the Virago for a couple of dozen miles of game evaluation. Sat down and pegged a 1st, albeit with some lucky draws, but let's face it, if poker were 100% skill, Moneymaker wouldn't be rich.

$10+$1 = 9th - -$11 Don't ask. I don't even know.
$10+$1 = 6th - -$11 Out drawn twice. With T800, after the 1st one, you're screwed.
$10+$1 = 1st - +39 The nutcases actually busted out of this one nicely, leaving players that at least had some concept of what betting was. One guy was a Sklansky Super/System clone. Someone eventually busted him out when he shoved in and ran into a big pocket pair. Buh bye.

Still a couple of bucks short of the $20+$2 level, so I remain at the $10+$1 level for now.


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