Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Wild Ride

Strange two days. Quick post here, since I'm meeting the wife for lunch in about 10 minutes.

Basically it goes like this. Yesterday was the poker day from Hell. It was one of those days where absolutely NOTHING was holding up. Aces? Nope. Kings? Hey, even a set of them couldn't crack the bad luck. Straights downed by flushes. Flushes downed by bigger flushes.. blah blah blah...


I made it a point NOT to play any poker for the rest of yesterday. Seems my luck followed me lost puppy style too, as I managed to stink up the lanes trying to do this whole bowling thing.

So, today I sit down ready to endure more slidage. It was quite the opposite. Good hands held up for the most part. I went on a hell of a run for about 15 minutes, and for the first time since I started ever 4-tabling, I was up on all of them. In fact, I was WAAAY up on 3 of them, which I closed out at at least double my buyin. Not a bad day of poker.


It seems that Party either isn't sending me all my hand histories, or I have my hand history requestor set to request too few hands per cycle, as it seems I'm missing some hands. They might show up later tonight, so we'll see. In the mean time, I'm going to adjust the requestor to ask for more hands less often, since I don't use the Gametime window in PokerTracker while I'm 4 tabling. In any event, due to that, my "total amount for the month" on the right is an estimate at the moment. I will review things manually tonight and make it correct.

Okay, off to stuff my gut. More later!


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