Monday, April 25, 2005

Party Poker Ate My Homework

Okay, so I was sitting here yesterday afternoon and I decided to get a quick couple of rounds of poker in, so I set everything up and am sitting at a really mediocre table when all of the sudden another table pops up with your's truely sitting in one of the seats.


I take a closer look at the table and realize I had just been seated in a multi-table tournement. In fact, it's the Freeroll that RakeTracker put on, and I had completely forgot about! So there I was, apparently going to play a multi table tourney... Which my brain was completely not geared up for.

Turns out, I wasn't the only one to forget. Of the 80 or so people registered for it, only maybe 40 showed up, so we basically conspired to blind steal in turn until the dead money was gone. We whittled it down to about 50 players and the game was on...

While we were doing the whole blind steal thing, I mucked at least 3 AKs, an AA, two KK, and some other juicy playable cards. Of course, when we got down to playing I started seeing a healthy diet of 83o, K2o, 95s.... I managed to hang on for a while, but when I took a shot at a guy I had covered (barely) and flipped over my AQo that hit the Ace and he the ATs that also hit the ace, I cringed. This is Party Poker. And in true Party style, the T floated in on the River and I was down close enough to the felt to not make much of a difference. A round later and I'm gone in 27th. Woot.

So I make precisely dick on the Freeroll, and it's back to my regularly scheduled 50/1 grind. Which, by the way, I'm not doing terrible at, but when you play maybe 5 hours a week, progress is understandably slow... But at least it's slow in an upward direction!

Stay tuned!

Friday, April 15, 2005

Fly To The Angels

"The LORD didn't die and rise again to make bad people good. He did it to make dead people live."

The one constant in this crazy world we live in is that nothing is constant. Try as we might to capture it all, nothing will stop the cruel march of time.

The last three weeks of my life have been a blur. A tumultuous journey of joy, pain, sorrow and loss. A journey that has transformed me in ways I cannot fully comprehend yet.

In the early hours of April 6th, amid the thunder and lightning of a spring storm, my mother answered the call, and left on wings sewn of a lifetime of love and compassion.

Many times before her death, she would tell us to celebrate her passing, as she's heading to a place where pain and suffering don't exist. Where the loons are always singing. And we do.

But I miss my mom.