Friday, April 11, 2008


So, I decided to do a little bonus whoring.. Absolute Poker has a 100% bonus up to $500, so I figured I'd throw $50 in and give it a shot.. To unlock the bonus, you get "points". 30 points and you unlock $5 of your bonus.

Sounds easy, right? Well, not so much. Here's the issue. You only get a "point" when you are actually INVOLVED in a hand up to the flop, and ONLY if that hand rakes $.50. Well, with $50 in the coffer, your chance of playing in a limit that sees a $.50 rake is pretty close to zero. When you've been having the kind of luck I've been having the last 3 days, you're pretty much solidly fucked, junior.

And, really, it's luck. The variance bitch is knocking at the door, and she wants to be paid. I've played solid poker and have just been run down time and again. Normally I'd have patience with this, but I am really chafed at getting boned by Absolute on this bonus deal. There's really no chance of me unlocking jack shit with the $15 I have left to work with in the time allotted, and truth be told, I can't stand the action, or lack thereof, at Absolute. Almost never can I find a table that's open, unless that table has no one on it. $.50/$1 tables are a good example. There's 5 of them with 9/9 players on it, there are 3 0/9 player tables sitting there, and there's 15 goddamn people on the waiting list. So, I either sit at a new table and hope that a few people trickle in, or I sit there staring at my screen for 15 minutes with my hand up my ass waiting for my number to be called. The bottom line is there's no table selection to be had and so I have to sort of play whatever is available. Not to say the tables haven't been beatable, but the steady diet of shitty hands and decent hands that get run down pretty much means you're not getting anywhere...

Haven't been back on Pokerstars since the start of this slide. The last session I had there I went down in flames, sinking about $10 in around an hour and a half. Same story. The cards have gone away.

So it goes. Perhaps I'll bust out of Absolute before I clear the bonus, which really wouldn't disappoint me at this point.

Actually, I'm sort of beyond caring at all for either. Nothing is worth this frustration. Not at this point in my life...


At 3:50 PM, Blogger zym said...

I don't know what your feelings are on PLO, but I've found it's a good way to clear bonuses on AP. You have more hands worth playing to the flop, and there's more action, thus bigger pots, thus more rake. There aren't a lot of tables running, but it's not too hard to get a seat and they tend to run close to full, with occasional drops down to 3-handed or so.


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