Monday, March 17, 2008

ICP Can't Hang

Greetings my two listeners!

So, in an effort to get back into the "swing" of things, I've sojourned off to the usual blogging haunts I remembered from my poker youth and did some reading. Looks like there's still a lot of good content out there, and the community looks to be going strong. I'm sort of kicking myself for fading away into the ether for as long as I did... Getting back to writing in this blog has reminded me how much I enjoy writing in this blog. Sort of like therapy, it's a good way to unload the thoughts in your head. As it is, I haven't had a lot of thoughts lately, which is good.

Not that things haven't completely changed in my life. M and I bought a new house, the chronicling of which can be found here. Now that we're living the cushy suburban life (well, almost.. To accomplish this on my income I had to move an hour away from work) we figured it was time to try again for a family expansion. After much work and effort, we're expecting our first, a little boy, in early August. So what little free time I have left is gonna be long gone for the next 18 years. Somehow I have to figure out how to shove a few more hours in each day.

That's about it, really.. As for poker, I'm really kind of pacing myself. I don't want to get to the situation where I was last time where I was playing so much that I completely burned out. Not only is that generally -EV from lack of playing, but it was really effecting the quality of my play. I would quickly get bored and start forcing issues. I tried to solve that problem by multi-tabling, but for me, it really was lowering the quality of my play, and I think it was leaving a lot of cash on the table... Hard to analyze a play on someone when two other tables need your attention! I think occasionally I'll go back to multi-tabling, but even at the paltry .50/1 tables I'm back to now, I seem to be able to make more in the long run playing a single table of 6 max. The advantage I'm finding is that the quality of play on the 6 max tables is WAY worse then on a 9 person table. The fish on these tables get VERY aggressive, which is good times for one who has patience.

Which is the theme song for this attempt at turning this $50 buyin into something. Patience. It's one word, and it's so hard to follow, but follow it I must. The temptation to make a run at higher limit tables is burning at me, though. My poker theory is several years out of date, having also not really taken the time to study the game in my nearly two year hiatus, but if memory serves, I should have a bigger bankroll before moving up. Right now I've moved the $50 buyin up to almost $78. Not mind-blowing progress, but it's in the right direction. I have to keep my eye on the project, which is to take $50 and see what happens, though at this point, it's sort of like watching a glacier move.


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