Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sinner's Swing!

Okay, okay... So I guess I might have given myself a bit too much stock in terms of my ability to make a run at the WSOP using only my frequent player points... Though it would have made a good story, the truth of the matter is I went down in flames at step 3 when I got caught with my hand in the cookie jar. I don't have the hand history in front of me, as I was playing this one on the laptop downstairs while watching Eddie Izzard standup. Not to say I was distracted... Indeed laughing at hilarious British comedy has a way of keeping me off tilt. I don't recall how the hand went down, exactly, but I do know that the table was laying down everything to the slightest aggression, so I was doing a bit of ramming and jamming but not making much headway since everyone was putting on a folding exhibition. I flopped top pair and fired a big bet, but was kindly called up by the monster stack. nothing hit on the turn, and the pot was bigger then my stack so I pushed, only to be insti-called buy the banker who rolled over the pocket overpair and I was history in 8th place.

So, I was a little over-aggressive, but it was a freeroll, so what the hell.. No guts, no air medal.

After that, sat down at another $6.60 6-max NL STT and scored a second, which basically doubles your money, then ran the rest of the show out playing good old $.50/$1 6 max turbo limit. I ran by $20 buy-in up to about $47 but then ran aground amongst a reef of shitty cards and got pounded down to a little over $30, for a +$10 score. Not too shabby for an hour of work at the mini-limits.

Off to visit friends in Wisconsin tomorrow and the next day, so I'll be invisible. I was toying with the idea of wearing my Bears jersey up there to poke fun at the mourning masses in light of the "end of civilization as we know it", but then I realized even with the departure of the Most Holy and Apostolic QB, the Packers are still 3 times more likely then the Bears and Lovie "Rex Grossman Is Our Quarterback" Smith is to even see football past the regular season this year. I was all ready to turn into a Green Bay Koolaid drinker but now suddenly the Pack are in a rebuilding year too... Oh well.. Go Rush.

My line on the Bears next year, 7-9,IF Grossman gets hurt early. And the defense and special teams will be directly responsible for a majority of those wins.

Wait.. I just realized. Mohammed? Gone. Barrien, Gone. So, who do we have to catch the football in the rare instance Rex actually THROWS the ball to someone with a orange "C" on the helmet? Devin Hester, who can do magical things with a ball that is kicked to him in the open field, but can't seem to run a pattern to save his life, and Mark Bradley, who still doesn't really know what an NFL football feels like in his hands.

Not that it all matters. Once the D gets in Rex's face, he completely loses focus and starts spraying footballs all over the place like Scarface and his "Leetel Friend"...

I guess you could say, I'm not looking forward to next football season.


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