Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The World Is Ending...

Howdy folks! Well, long time no update, so I'll hop on here and pontificate about pretty much nothing just to let you all know I'm not dead...yet...

So, it's been awefully mild here the last month.. Which means that when the groundhog comes out to see his shadow, he's going to freeze in place like a tongue on a metal pole. The other shoe HAS to be falling soon, and I'm sure we're going to be walking around in down coats and hats in May. Most likely right when the Little Angels annual motorcycle ride is.. So I'll freeze my nuts off. This happened last year, and since I was riding the Virago last year, with no windshield, I decided to skip it. I'll be able to tolerate the cool air a little better on the Goldwing, so short of actual falling snow, rain or rediculous low temps, I'll be making this ride. Unless of course I get ganked by having to go to work.

The eyes are doing okay. Left eye now has x-ray vision... really sharp and clear... Right eye, not so much.. Good acuity (still at LEAST 20/15...), but with some haze. Going to go see the doc for my month check-up in the next day or two and we'll see what's up with that.. Hopefully it goes away on its own.. I don't want to have to get zapped again, though if it means clear vision out of it, what the hell.. The hard part is over with (getting the flap cut). Inside of 6 months, it's possible to lift the existing flap and blast away some more.. Of course, since my vision is already damn good in that eye, there runs the risk of overcorrecting it if we go for more smoke-making, so who knows... Best case is it just gets better, which is the most likely scenario.

Really have been playing remarkably little poker... Not any troubles reading the screen, just lack of time in general to do anything.. I gotta get off this midnights crap. It's sucking my will to live.


At 10:29 AM, Anonymous BoNzo said...

I've ridden my Wing in 32 degree weather.. So buck up, chief.. Although I do suggest, if its that cold, the battery operated boxers..

At 4:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey P,

You play in any live games/tourneys from time to time?



At 8:02 PM, Blogger The ICP said...


Not very often.. For some odd reason I seem so suck like the wind playing live cards at the casino. I was out in Tampa a few months ago and played a sit and go. I was playing excellent cards but I got sucked out on at the river, so I finished a disappointing 4th out of 10, and of course, on the bubble.


Heh. In order for the riding season to last any decent amount of time, I had to get some thermal layers going when I rode in Wisconsin, so I should be okay, short of crappy road conditions.

At 8:03 PM, Blogger The ICP said...

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At 5:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you're interested, I play in a tourney every couple months NW of Chicago.Not sure where you're at but it's the best one around that I've played in. Usually about 70 guys or so. If you're interested, let me know. Of course, given your current profession, I can understand if there are ethical issues preventing you from attending.
The next date isn't set yet but should be soon.


At 8:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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