Sunday, November 27, 2005

Enuff Z Nuff

Well, that was fun, but this tournement challange is too exhausting to continue... For those of you following at home, you know that I went to the $10 level and managed an unabated slide for around 10 rounds, crippling me within a day. I decided to fall back to the $5 level to regroup, which I did, but you just can't make any real progress at that level. Bolstered by my good run at the $5 level I decided to go back to the $10 level.. And again got my ass handed to me. Since I'm not rolled properly to get anywhere near the $20 level, I'm just going to throw the towel in on this.

Really, the biggest problem I've had with the last few games was just a simple lack of playable hands. Of course, at this level, you are going to be showing down the best hand in order to win, so with no real playable hands, you're pretty much screwed.

In other news, I moved my cash from Eurobet (3000 players online) to PokerStars (55000 players online). Partly to hunt for some squishy soft games, and partly because I wanted to get in on the final round of Saturdays With Pauly... Which I managed to miss because I was too preoccupied to read a clock. So I played two tables of .50/1 for a little while and broke pretty much even.

So, thus ends what could have been a decent run.. I'm still completely baffled as to what the hell happened with the $10 level. Variance, I'm guessing... It's a bitch.


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