Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Stop The Presses!

Okay, so rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated...

It would appear my math was erroneous, and as it turns out I wasn't totally busted out. I had $4.60 left in my account. Chip and a chair, right?

So, after some poking around I found my old copy of Poker Tracker, and after a quick consultation with the talented author of the program, was back in business, albeit with a completely empty database. Which really wasn't as tragic as one might think. Most of my history was from my time on PartyPoker anyway, which is verboten to us filthy Americans. I suppose it's just as well. It's a new dawn for the ICP, my friends. As Inigo Montoya might say, "I have gone back to the beginning!"

Anyway, back to the point.. I spent an hour and 15 minutes at the 10 person .25/.50 ring and ended up +$8 for the session... Not bad to almost triple your buyin. Sticking to premium hands and playing mechanical odds poker is definitely the way to go at this level... Every hand goes to showdown anyway, so finesse really doesn't bring home nearly as much as simply ramming and jamming statistically dominant hands and hoping you're just not hideously unlucky.

To be sure, I'm still very, very deep in the danger zone, but at least the slide seems to have stopped mere inches from the spiky bottom of the sinkhole. So, bank for this run, currently $12 and some change.


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