Monday, March 31, 2008


Well, chalk this one up officially as a failure. Took my last $3.25 and put it down on a 6 Max turbo NL hold-em sit and spin.

Doing okay, with 4 left to go, when I'm dealt AKo under the gun. A modest raise from the chip leader (by a little, we were all pretty even) and it was decision time. We were getting pretty late in the game, so it was getting expensive to sit it out, and AKo 4 handed is pretty damn good, right? I shove, she calls and turns over JQ offsuit, with the Queen of hearts. Flop hits my King and I figure I'm money, right? Nope. Two hearts on the flop and of course, she runner-runners fucking hearts to send me packing.

I remember when I used to be serious about this game, and shit like that would just drive me to drink. Of course, with the run of cards I've been having, you have to expect that some bullshit hand like that would be the death of me, but hey, what the hell, right? Can't be afraid to jump out of the plane just because your chute continually fails to open! I can just hear the tables calling me:

"c'mon! It'll be different this time! Your luck is turning around! I wouldn't lie to you 9 times in a row, fuckhead, would I?!"

So, I have enough free points to make another run at the WSOP 6 step program, though with my current card luck I think I'd just be pissing it away. Maybe I'll use my Frequent Player Points to buy a nice hat and call it a day or something.

Anyway, now I have to truly make a decision about whether I'm going to plug another fifty into the jukebox and have at it again. This last week has been pretty demoralizing, but I have distant memories of what it was like to win. I think I need to get some advice from those that play on Pokerstars on which games are the best. I'm thinking the full ring limits are probably pretty good, but I just find them mind-numbingly slow. I mean, logic dictates that I just sit back and play the premium hand grind at these low levels and eke out my 2BB/hr. Maybe it's time to see about multi-tabling the full ring limit games again. Clearly trying to "play the game" at this point is, well, pointless. I gotta go for the lowest variance play while I work the $50 buyin into something I can actually maneuver with. Perhaps it's time to buy another monitor and see about some 8 table goodness! Weee!


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