Monday, April 07, 2008


Hit and run here. Put in an rather solid hour of poker today and the old .25/.50 limit full ring, walked away almost doubled up again. It'd be great if the middle limits are this generous in their contribution, but the likelihood of continuing to post what is turning out to be just short of a +20BB/hr rate of return is way too much to hope for.

Really, the only things I've done is tightened up the pre-flop selection and I'm really trying to pay attention to my pot odds. There have been a few hands that I figured I was dead on, but the pot odds were such that it was worth it to call and I'm ended up scraping the pot. There is much to be said for straight mathematical poker at this level, but I'm hoping I don't get into such a rut as to not be able to play at people every once in a while. My next step is to start mastering implied odds. PT helps a lot by helping me see who's likely to call or raise me, but it's still a lot of seat-of-the-pants work.

Anyway, the bankroll stands at $48 and change. Almost back to where I started from, so I'm rather stoked.

Today's blogger link is my friend over on the other side of the drink. Ice-Cold Poker is a pro player from the UK who's putting bread on the table by punishing the no limit short-handed games. Good reads, and much more talented then my hack ass, so go forth and read!


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