Monday, June 13, 2005

Hey Look! It's Still Alive!

Yes, my faithful and loving automated RSS reading programs, This blog is still among the living. I guess I've managed to not post anything for a whole month and a half. The level of suckage on this blog never fails to please, I guess. So, enough self-berating... On with the countdown...

Okay, first excuse. I've been up to me ass in classes, training assignments and deadlines. If you've seen how much poker I've played in the last month in a half, you'd understand. Throw a house purchase and of course the obligitory move that accompanies such a purchase, and that sucks several weeks out of your month right there.

On the poker front, what little I've played that is, just steady and thankfully upward progress. I took a shot at the 1/2 tables just to be crazy, and managed to darn near double up my buyin. Feeling good about being me, I decided to give it another shot a few days later and got slayed... So back to the 50/1 tables for me for a while. The bankroll, at a little under $300, is still pretty far away from the confort zone of 1/2. I'll need to double that before I put the old 50/1 tables to bed, and at the rate I'm going that'll be a quite a while, but I'm significantly less worried about that then I was the last time I went about this little adventure. The only thing that really sucks about grinding away at 50/1 is that my rakeback bonus creeps along. There are significant numbers of hands in 50/1 that result in no rake being taken out whatsoever so it takes an insane number of hands just to get enough rakeback built up to get it paid out to me.

Not a huge amount else going on, just the usual grind. We're finally getting settled into the house. I've got broadband again, so I can actually get things done in a reasonable amount of time on the internet, so that's a relief. Training continues at work. One of these days I might actually get through the darn process. Looks like they're thinking August 1st, so we'll see.