Sunday, April 04, 2004

Days Of Our Lives

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the bucks in my bankroll... I need a device that detects when I log into Party in the morning and deploys a giant nerf bat to hit me in the head repeatedly until I close it. I logged in around 11:00am to answer the question of how tough are the 1/2 6 Max games in the late morning/early afternoon. The answer is, I really honestly don't know. It seemed that there was still some lousy play, but I never really got a hand that I could make a stand on. Not particularly aggressive play in the table I was on, but it seemed like at least these guys had a bit of a clue about what they were doing. When you're not getting cards, though, it's difficult to be a winner. One thing I DID notice though was, I wasn't getting any respect, even though I was obviously ultra-tight (not getting cards makes you muck. a lot.). This made it difficult to "make things happen", so I ended up doing a bunch of posting to see the flop, missing badly and mucking.

After bleeding about $20 off on the 1/2 tables I retreated to playing two .50/1 tables. For the first half hour I was getting destroyed, down about $20 more dollars before I finally started having things stand up. I ended up $17 in the green in .50/1 for a total loss of -$3 for the day. I'll take it considering the trouble I was initially in.


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