Monday, June 21, 2004

Big Wheels Keep On Turnin'

I guess I should be glad that every United flight going anywhere remotely close to Whiteman Air Force Base last Wednesday was packed full, since this means we're selling tickets... Somehow I wasn't feeling any joy, though. My "easy" journey to central Missouri turned into a debacle. Basically I flew to Chicago and sat around the airport for about 6 hours, before flying back to Appleton to pick up my car and drive back to Chicago, spend the night, and drive the 8 hours to Missouri.

I love air travel.

Anyway, obviously there's been no poker playing in the last few days. Back before I left I found a real live one on a 50/1 table and actually managed to cash some out from him, so I scored a little bonus there.

Speaking of bonuses, Captain Cook's changed their wagering requirements from 55x (16,000 units) to 35x (10,500 units). Still pretty steep, but it's hard to find a 200% bonus these days, and I did pretty okay on the last one.

I damn near busted out. Variance is a bitch, especially in a game you can't win. This time around I did this whole deal in Pounds, so my 100 unit deposit actually drew around $180 from the account, and I got to work. The 200 unit bonus was whittled to around 150 when I got done with the wagering requirements. Not the best, but still, it's 150 units. Moved that to my main account to play off the remaining 3500 unit wagering requirement... And the bottom fell out. At one point when I peeked I was down to 75 units. I managed to finish around 121 units, for a paltry $21 profit. Craptastic.

I think I'm done with the bonus whoring. After all, the reason for it was to pad the poker account, and I think this "brush with death" that I had with just wagering $1 bets makes me not want to look the gift horse in the mouth, so I'll take the money and run. If a real sweet bonus comes along, I would hope that one of my seventeen seven readers would tip me off so that I can take advantage, but it seems like the bonus whoring days of old are fading away as the casinos clue in to the tactics.

Okay, going to probably play some today... Gotta get my teeth drilled into first, though. Joy of joys. I haven't had a cavity in like 10 years, so this will be a nice trip down memory lane.


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