Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Blogging Is Hard

Okay, I admit, I'm failing miserably in the "update every day whether there's news or not" mentality I was so gung-ho about earlier.

Let's face it, no news makes for boring commentary, and I didn't play poker the last two days. I could go on tangents about other topics, and trust me there are plenty, but that would stray from this being a poker blog. I'm sure those of you here to read about my poker antics won't want to have to wade through my political and socioeconomic rantings to get to the content you are looking for, so I will refrain as much as I can from littering our little playground with such muckity-muck.

Speaking of muckity-muck, I decided the other day to poke around my statistics to date since I started recording my poker results. Here are some of the hits.

- I have, since November of 2003, played about 26,000 hands. Of those, I have played the most, about 20,000, in 50/1.

- My first losing month was November of 2003, where I dropped $51. My last losing month was November 2003.

- My average BB/hr is +1.11 BB/hr over almost 432 hours of play over all levels and limits.

- My best win rate has been in No Limit $25, where I hold a 8.8 BB/hr rate. I have only played roughly 6 hours at that level though.

- My worst win rate is on Pot Limit $25, where I hold a -30.00 bb/hr rate, however I've played that level a grand total of 6 minutes.

- Of the levels I've played at for a reasonable amount of time, I have the best success at $1/$2 6 Max, where I hold a +2.83 BB/hr rate over 31.45 hours of play. I have the worst results at $1/$2 full tables, where I hold a -0.18 BB/hr rate over 45.25 hours of play. Incidentally, my win rate at this point in 50/1 is exactly +1.00 BB/hr.

- My aggression factor to this point is 0.99, though during the first 6 months or so of play, I was wickedly weak/tight, so these are skewed, I believe.

- On the tournament side, I have played 194 tournaments. I have won $2,175.00. I have paid out $2,000 in tournament fees and buy-ins, for a total of +$175.00 in tournament winnings. My In The Money percentage is 39.69%, with an average finish of 4.19. I've had the best results playing $10+$1, and the worst results playing $20+$2.

- I have, to date, won $560.36 from ring games, and $175.00 from tournaments, for a total winnings to date of $735.36. From my initial $50 investment, I have not had to deposit additional money, so my return on investment to this point is $685.36, or about $76 per month. This does not include any live play, which I have yet to have a winning session at, however at this point I consider my live bankroll separate from my online bankroll, since local limits force me to play beyond my bankroll means when I do play. I would estimate at this point that I've lost about $250 playing live poker.

So that's the status thus far. It seems to me that, at least according to the numbers, I should be playing $1/$2 6 Max poker, however, I think this requires a little more analysis. I think I have the best success at that level because it seems like the players there are more likely to chase then they are in full ring games. Part of it I think is the mentality that short handed any pair is a winner. Indeed top pair/top kicker will hold up more often in short handed play, but the pot odds are even worse for you to chase hands, since generally there are less people involved and the implied odds to do so are not there. This is what likely separates good player from bad at these tables. Bad players have no concept of pot and implied odds and frequently overplay drawing hands.

The risk of 1/2 6 Max, of course, is the frequent blind rotation, so if you're into a bad run of cards, you can get hurt by just that. Table selection is also critical in short handed tables.

I forget who's blog I read this, so I apologize for not giving props, but I read another summary of how 50/1 limit sucks copious amounts of ass. Given the atrociously bad play there and the fact that I've only managed to squeak out a little over 1 BB/hr from these tables, I am inclined to agree. It seems from what I'm hearing that the 2/4 level is the Holy Land at this point, but I certainly don't have the bank to be playing there. As it is, heading up to 1/2 would be a pretty big risk to the bankroll, but I am starting to get antsy again.

Okay, enough of this.. I'm heading to the tables for some more abuse poker. Thanks for reading!


At 1:16 PM, Blogger Poker Nerd said...

This is probably oversimplifying the differences, but from my observation, the only difference between 50/1 and 2/4 is that a raise usually means something at 2/4. At 50/1, unless you've been watching someone for several hands, they could literally have anything.

I can't tell you how many times I folded the best hand at 50/1 only to see they were both bluffing or overplaying top pair weak kicker.

Both games are just as loose preflop and just as passive postflop.

At 2:28 PM, Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I find I have the most skill/luck at the 1/2 6 player tables also. I think some of it is because a "Good" hand will tend to stand up more often when there are 6 people than 10. Also, at 1/2, sometimes people will lay down, but it is hard to get to happen, and you have to earn some table respect first. In .50/1 I find that you will always be called to the river, and sometimes beat there, with whatever garbage someone has. I might go back and try playing .50/1 a little with more aggression. It definatly does not pay to be passive. Maybe being aggresive would cause my pots to be larger, and let me win more at .50/1. Dunno. I am working my bankroll up to the level where I can play 5/10 6 handed. I have played there a few times (mostly after tilting and moving up to a level I should not be at) and have done very well. I know I have not played enough hands to judge, but I think it will be good to me.

At 4:10 PM, Blogger The ICP said...

Thanks for the comments, guys. I've found that at 50/1, you have to play completely by percentages, and just pound the bets in on those hands that statistically are winners. I can't tell you how many times I've been re-raised by these 50/1 cretins who re-raise you with absolutely nothing. I've found that the best results come with just building the pots as big as you can and hope that you actually scoop up one or two. Bascially though it's just Roulette with cards. Anyone could have anything. Just today I got rivered two times in 3 minutes by morons who held absolute garbage on the turn and cold called my raises. Just have to grit my teeth and go on.

I did manage to scrape out a $10 profit today, but it was ugly. One table I had doubled my buyin, and the other one I was down to the felt at one point raising and re-raising my pocket aces (thankfully they held up). Go figure.

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