Thursday, July 08, 2004


You know, there has been much writing lately about how if you're not playing on Party Poker, you're just missing out on the best things in life.

I can't tell you how true that is.

I'm here to tell you, at least on the 50/1 level, I am constantly amazed at the absolutely atrocious play I'm presented with. If you're not playing on Party, you need your head examined.

Today was one of those days where it paid to just stick with it. I "3-tabled" it today, and almost immediately I was in trouble. The cards had gone simply evil on me, giving me such heart breakers as a flopped set that would see a 4 flush on the board, or a pair of kings that gets sucked out on the river to some bizarre two pair. I was quickly down $30, but then finally a couple of hands held up and I clawed back to my buyin. Then it happened. I get the Men in the pocket, and flop the set with two callers. Turn is capped, and the river is capped and the Cowboys hold up for a monster pot. A rather good hand ensues about 15 minutes later on the second table to put my up around $8 there, and the table I was having the most problems with ended up back around even, so I called it a day and took my $16 profit, thrilled to be walking away with a win after such a rough start.

So far, I'm right where I should be on the BB/hr front, at around 2 and change. I'm trying to be more aggressive when I'm in a hand, especially against people that seem to want to try to bluff you out of pots (in 50/1! Oh the humanity!). I'm not crapping you, I had some Bozo three bet the turn trying to buy me out of a pot. What did he have? 48o for nothing at all against my TPTK hand with a flush draw. Glorious days indeed, and mind you, this is at 11:00 in the morning Central time, when the tables are supposed to be more challenging.

The month is still early, though. It will be interesting to see what transpires as the month drags on, but it does seem like the ├╝berfish are starting to swim back upstream to spawn, so this may shape up to be a very good month. If only I was playing the 2/4 tables.... Sigh.

Captain Cook's finally paid me. Actually, they were very pleasant about the whole thing, and though they promised the money on Monday and it actually showed up on Tuesday, I didn't have to "remind" them and I do have the cashish in the account now, so all is well. Now all I have to do is decide whether I want to dump that cash into the poker account or hold on to it for now. I was going to put in into the bankroll (since that's where it originally came from) but I'm on such a good run in 50/1 right now I don't know that I want to make the move up to 1/2 just yet. I do think I'm going to exceed the 300BB bankroll suggestion for the move up, as I will likely at least 3 table that level too. I'm thinking around $800 to $1000 as a good stepping up point. It's a very long way away at this rate, so I may well cave and make the occasional move up there. The other possibility is to replace one of the 50/1 tables I play with a 1/2 table. Anyone tried this before, and if so, does it seem like a decent idea, or should I avoid doing this?

More poker goodness tomorrow!


At 8:57 AM, Blogger Sloejack said...

For what it is worth, I think you're wasting your time and any skill you have on multi-tabling. Especially at $.50/$1. In my experience, I play a single table for one hour or less and 95% of the time double my starting stack (which is $20 at that level). Lately I've even managed to triple it in the really fishy games where you've got a couple of guys who will call you down to the river with a second best hand or complete garbage because they decided you're bluffing.

I think the key here is table selection, you want to be on the loosest table possible and play tight agressive. Also in the for what it is worth category, UltimateBet seems equally fishy, at the $.50/$1 and $1/$2 levels, as Party is. If you're interested in playing there, let me know and I can hook you up with a 50% deposit bonus (on a $100 dep.) otherwise they have a 20% first time deposit up to $100 max on a $500 dep. For all I know, that could be cumulative.

At 11:05 AM, Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I find the 1/2, easier than the .5/1 on Empire. I like the 6 person table. Your cards hold up better, and you can still milk alot out. How many times are there 10 people staying in on a 10 table? It seems alot faster too. I had been having really good luck until my bender last night. I did not lose anything, and ended up $40, but what a STUPID tilt! Anyway, I am going to assume 1/2 is still good. I have played 10 sessions there, and been up on 9 of them. Even on my tilt the other night, I turned 10$ into 110$ until I gave it all back. Man! I suck sometimes.

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