Monday, November 22, 2004

Moving In Stereo

Knocked out about 180 hands this morning towards the 500, and made out almost $10 to the good. Since I'm just trying to build the bankroll back to a comfortable level and get my sea legs back under me, I'm playing ultra-conservative. I missed out on a couple of hands I would have won on, including one where I was sort of trolling along with KJo with two people in who kept betting into me, so I just called away. River brought a third heart and I figured I was dead. EP betting out only solidified my feeling so I folded away, only to be shown a split pot between the other two... One with K5o and the other with K7o. My KJo would have been good for a moderately good pot... Oh well... I think I would have lost that hand more then I would have won it, but it still stung a little bit. As usual, I was in some trouble early on, but most of it was missed hands rather then beaten hands. All in all a pretty standard day, and it helped my confidence immensely to start this all off with a notch in the Win column.

I'm going to have to do some more research on that Aussie million thing to see when I'd have to play the qualifier in the unlikely event I win the sub-qualifier sit and go. It'll be fun to get into one of those though, especially since I apparently don't have to pay for it!


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