Thursday, April 08, 2004

Like A Moth To A Flame...

Given my rather busy schedule and having to maintain the whole work/money relationship, I find that, in spite of my desire not to play when I don't have the best of it, I keep logging onto Party in the daytime. The bug hit me again today, and so I found myself staring at a pair of .50/1 tables. At least I've learned to stay away from the 1/2 short handed tables during the day. Momma didn't raise no dummy.

Today was one of those bizarre "in the zone" days. I was reading people like books, and I think that did a lot for my bankroll. Unfortunately, as it always happens, one table was completely a dud and the other rocked the free world. When the smoke cleared, my $25 buyins had been burned down to around $8 on one table and jacked up to almost $70 on the other. Go figure. Total take, around $18.75 in the green in roughly 300 hands. Lack of detail because I'm at work. Deal.

Your's Truely has managed to hit another Royal Flush. This one was a couple of days ago. I nailed it on the flop against one other guy who, to that point, was playing pretty fast and loose. Figures that, when I hit the jackpot, he decides to grow a brain. I bet, he folded. ICP wins $1.50. Weeee. It occurred to me too that Party is like the only online game room that doesn't have some sort of bonus for hitting monsters like Royal Flushes. If there was a jackpot up for a Royal Flush, I wouldn't be worrying about making bankroll for the 2/4 games. Other then that, the Tuesday session saw me all over the dial, and after 2 hours of play, I had lost a grand total of $1.50. Grrr.

My bruthuh has put forth an APB for hand histories. I've got nothing to hide, and so I'll put mine up. It has notes for me too, so you have around 14000 hands worth of notes on me if you download my hand histories... Which will be up sometime in the future... Perhaps. I've found that the days lack a sufficient supply of hours to complete all the tasks I have to do. This is the reason why this blog is getting updated about once in a blue moon and I haven't been playing any poker. I've gotta change my evil ways (baby).

The Wife and I went to go play Bingo last night. I had a good time the first time I went, but probably because I thought there would be some winning going on. This time, though, I suddenly realized that Bingo is like Roulette but with less of a chance of actually, you know, winning. Melissa enjoys Bingo, so I trudged along with her, but I have to be honest, it was far from fun. If I wanted to sit in a highly uncomfortable chair and breath enough smoke to get instant emphysema, I want a beer in my hand and a full pitcher in front of me. What I don't want is a table full of blue haired chimneys with ill tempers and no humor. I have to say that for a graphic illustration of the filthy underbelly of the local populace, one need go no further then their local Bingo hall. In any event, the entire time I was there my ass hurt, my lungs hurt, my head hurt and I couldn't shake the thought that for every hour I sat in the room I was:

a: Shaving 4 years off my life
b: Missing out on 3BB of earnings and having infinitely more fun doing it

By the time I got out of there my friggin toenails smelled like smoke, and here's the kicker... I was in the no smoking section! People in the no smoking section were indeed not smoking, but the fact that the 1500 other people surrounding the non-smoking section were on auto-smoke meant that there was no let-up of the blue cloud wafting in from all directions.

I'm a non-smoker, as you might have noticed, but my political stance on this, and anything for that matter is, so long as you don't hurt other people, you're free to do what ever the hell you want. Helmet laws are particularly troublesome to me from a political standpoint, just to give you a yardstick as to where I stand should I ever run for President (and, BTW, I wear a helmet, though in Wisconsin I am not required to). I'll get into a whole political rambling some time in the far away future when I've assured that I have absolutely no readers left.

Okay, so in summary, I guess the best thing for me to do now is to stick to the 50/1 games during the day time hours. Much as the temptation to continue grinding in the 1/2 arena is gnawing at me, it seem that I am a little steadier in the win column when playing the lower limit. We shall see.


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