Saturday, April 10, 2004

Stupid Stupid Stupid...

I have pulled perhaps the biggest bonehead move I have yet made in my poker career. To set the stage, I'm playing 2 tables of 50/1 and I have a hand on one of them going when I'm dealt A8d. A slew of callers before me so I limp to see the flop, which comes JJ5 with two diamonds. Cool. Checked to the guy to my right who bets out. I raise it and get 4 callers and the guy to my right calls. Hmmm. Turn comes a 3 of hearts and the flop bettor bets out again. Now I'm nearly positive he's got a Jack, but I'm still on my flush draw. Call, and we're 3 to the river, which comes a 5d. Boom... I hit my nut flush. Guy to my right bets. Now I want him to think I'm contemplating a call, but all I'm really doing is thinking about Vegas and the fuckin Mirage. I raise it and the third hanger-on gets out of the way. GTMR re-raises it. Man, he's sure betting hard with that set of Jacks! I cap it...

Then I look at the board again and shit myself. I just bet into what had to be the world's most obvious full house board.

Needless to say my image at that table was cemented, and every time I came along for the ride to try to make a hand (which seldom to never happened) I was mercilessly raised into. The smell of fish permeated the air... Unfortunately, I couldn't make anything happen in the two hours I sat there... Finally, I took a flyer with my last hand before the blinds hit again (which I wasn't going to pay, as it was time to go). Called to see the flop with A5o and the board flopped two 5's. That helped to bring me back up from "dead on the street corner" to "severely maimed". Meanwhile on the other table I was cleaning up in the first hour. I was up to around $40 and the cards dried up there too, so I eventually bled down to a paltry $7 profit. The day ended with me seeing a loss of around $9. $5 of it was due to my idiot play into the full house.

Seems like I've been doing a lot of missing the obvious lately, and it's costing me. Then it occurred to me. I'm friggin bored. I'm bored with the 50/1 grind, especially since I can't seem to make any headway towards a bankroll that will allow me to progress comfortably to the 1/2 realm. I really want to have around $600 before I think about going to 1/2, because when I go there, I don't want to have to worry about going back unless a true disaster hits.

So, I'm trying to figure out what I want to do. Back when my bankroll needed a shot in the arm I went and started cleaning up on the $5+$1 NL sit and goes, but then I hit the skids on those and started losing my shorts, so I got away from them and haven't really been back since. S&G's are frustrating to me because all it takes is one suckout and you're done. After about 45 minutes of work, it sucks to lose. Never the less, after some soul searching I think I'm going to try the $10+$1 sit and go arena for a little while and see what happens. Now, the big question... Should I play 2 S&G's at a time?

See, part of my problem is this. Beyond 2 tables, the overlap makes it difficult to follow anything on any of the tables. I think I'm going to dig out a PCI video card and see how Win XP handles it (and see if my power supply handles it). I have a 15" monitor sitting in the basement doing nothing, so I could probably fit another table or two there. As it is, when I'm playing 50/1, it really is mechanical ABC poker. You get paid the most when you think the least. As a result, I find that, in addition to 2 tables, I'm surfing the net, checking out blogs, and generally not paying enough attention. As a result, stuff like the above happens.

Here's to hoping the 10+1 sit and goes are soft enough in the afternoons... God knows I don't get enough time in the evenings to play.


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