Sunday, May 16, 2004

Dog Ate My Template

Okay, so if you tried to read the incoherant ramblings of Your's Truely, you'll have noticed that it was, well, broke.

It seems that, in my haste to post up my rather dismal results for the day, I somehow managed to bork my template... Then save it.

It was, shall we say, unrecoverable.

So here it is, born out of necessity, the new and improved Intrepid Card Player!

As a result of the template explosion, my list-o-links bit the dust. I'm not sure whether or not to resurrect the listing. So many other blogs have an excellent list and I feel mine would be redundent. Head over to the Bräumeister and spend the rest of your waking hours hitting his link list. If you think I should rethink this please leave a comment in the space below.

Which is another change. Since my linkages and everything for Haloscan went south, and this template is about 1.2324 shitloads more complicated then the previous one, I'm going to give this Blogger comment thing a shot. I like the Haloscan one better, but I might explode a vain in my head trying to figure this out. Now I know why I chose networking over programming when I started my IT career. Silly me. If I'd have decided to become an Oracle expert I'd be rolling in Dead Presidents.

I'm not sure I really actually like it yet. I was just starting to understand the template from the old site, and now this one is like friggin machine language (That'll take you back!). When the hell did HTML become C++?

I'm still sort of reeling from the beating I took today, but for the challenge so far my in the money percentage is still 40%, so I guess today was coming. Tomorrow will be a telling day for the old ICP. As a result of today, though, I'm solidly back into the $10+$1 arena.

I'm still frustrated with getting so close to the money on the $20+$2 and missing. Just wun uf them raysin' deals, I guess.

So my buddy in Michigan and I are going to get together at the end of June for Field Day in Illinois. For those that don't know, Field Day is a 24 hour HAM Radio operating event that is supposed to simulate "emergency" conditions, in that your entire setup is supposed to be temporary and run off of an emergency power source, such as a battery or generator. In any event, the past few years we would show up the morning of, try to set up, something wouldn't go right and we'd start late and be exhausted from running around... Then we'd have to operate for 24 hours straight. Last year we thought we'd be smooth and show up the day before and set up everything we "legally" could then. We then pitched tents and camped out.

We both got about 3 hours of sleep. Then operate for 24 hours straight. We didn't make it.

This year we're going to head down the day before and get a hotel room. Air conditioning, an actual bed, and no raccoons to wake us up in the middle of the night.

Anyway, as you all might remember, before I got involved in the glamorous airline industry, I used to be an I.T. guy, and as I.T. guys go I was doing very well financially. Then the Y2K thing came and went and bottom line I was out of a job and found that the job market that had been job heavy and applicant light suddenly went very applicant heavy and job-non-existant.

The point of this rambling is, my buddy got a hold of an old friend and I.T. recuiter that actually helped line both he and I up with several opportunities. It seems she's back at the place she was at before, and she wants to get together for lunch the Friday we get back to town. Apparently from what I heard from my friend, the industry might be "righting itself".

I'm sure I'm just dreaming, but I have this feeling that this lunch meeting might possibly result in a resume of mine ending up in circulation again. As I.T. professionals go, I'm a bit of a fossil, in that my experience is about a year out of date (which, in that industry, might as well be 100 years), but hey, there's still plenty of work for Mainframe guys, so perhaps there's hope.

Of course, then I have to ask myself if I really want to go back to that industry. It was, literally, the best and worst of times. The work was frustrating at times, but, considering what I've been through the last few years here, I think that what I would catagorize as frustrating as Hell in my IT work experience would translate to mildly irritating in this line of work.

Plus, Monster estimates that I'd be worth about $60,000 a year. That would represent about twice what I'm making now. To work 9 to 5, Monday through Friday. I'm having a hard time finding a reason to bitch loudly about that.

Of course, chances are this'll turn out to be nothing.


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